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Douglass Digital is a leading Web Design agency near Peterborough. We specialise in creating feature rich websites to meet very specific requirements. We will work closely with clients on crafting exceptional user experiences, these ideas all come from careful research and workshops.
We love helping Peterborough businesses achieve their business aims through all of our web design services listed below. If you need a new look or are starting up a new business or require assistance with your existing WordPress website, contact us today to speak about your requirements.

Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

First of all, I’d like to highlight the fact that our project came with tight constraints, Douglass Digital accepted this and delivered a great website. We had contacted other agencies, but Douglass Digital were the ones who took that constraint in their stride and modified their planning to accommodate for it. It should not be a regular situation, but that was already a very positive sign of dedication to the project from them.

From the brief we provided, they came up with interesting ideas and original designs, the best of which made it to the final cut and was appreciated by all our internal stakeholders. Once built, the final website was faithful to the previously agreed-upon design, functionalities are working well and glitch-free. As with any project, you want to make sure you have a thorough QA/QC process, and Douglass Digital were very responsive in fixing minor issues or even small changes in design we decided at the last-minute when looking at the final product.

The overall collaboration was direct, quick and efficient, with clear expectations and deliverables from both sides, whether through messages and meetings. Training videos also made sure we felt like we were in control of the final website and that we have the ability to modify content by ourselves in the future, and that the website is not just a black box with no insights for us. Moreover, all of the team members are very nice to talk to and very receptive to discussions and brainstorming.We are currently working with them on another web project. 5 stars all the way!!!

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Scipio
Wilko Duprez
Head of Communications
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

After a lot of searching for the right partner to develop our integrated CRM and website project we engaged Douglass Digital. A very thorough process in terms of spec, design, build and testing and excellent project management. Brought lots of ideas and solutions and were a pleasure to work with. Went above and beyond which was much appreciated.

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - British Blind and Shutter Association
Andrew Chalk
Director of Operations
British Blind and Shutter Association
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

We are delighted with the both professional and personal touch Douglass Digital have shown us whilst creating a new website for our company. What started off with a few key ideas turned out to be exactly what we wanted. We were impressed how the initial meetings progress to our new website.
Whilst they worked to meet our deadline they also hosted our old website that instantly speeded up click rate.
Very satisfied to say the least.

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Darcy and Everest
Luke Whiting
Darcy and Everest
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

Flourishing Diversity began as a series of events and came to Douglass Digital to create a website that would establish us as an on-going initiative. The design of the site was key to establishing our visual identity and we wanted our essence and our values to be communicated throughout the design. The team at Douglass Digital listened to us carefully and went above and beyond to deliver on the key elements we held dear. The entire process was both friendly and professional. We are so happy with the final product and have received many compliments. I would highly recommend this website design company.

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Flourishing Diversity
Katy Molloy
Flourishing Diversity
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

Douglass Digital have provided highly dedicated and skilled support to us with both with a significant redesign and development of our website and content, which has been scaled and upgraded with the development and evolution of our business, in addition to on-going support and maintenance of our web presence. The core project was developed and managed by Douglass Digital to achieve a high quality and professional result working to coordinate both external content writers and graphic designers alongside our internal review team. The Douglass Digital team were highly engaged and diligent in working to coordinate and turn around the design phase to achieve our launch date and continue to support us in maintaining and further enhancing the content of our website based on our developing business needs

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Gammadelta Therapeutics
Dayle Hogg
Chief Operating Officer
Gammadelta Therapeutics

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