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At Douglass Digital, we’re more than just a Cambridge Web Design Agency; we’re your local partner in achieving online excellence. Our dedicated team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to serve businesses in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

From web development and design to SEO and reliable support and hosting services, we’re committed to improving your online presence. Trust us as your go-to web agency for WordPress web solutions right here in Cambridge.

Cambridge Web Design Highlights

As a digital agency, we’re proud to be part of the vibrant and creative community here in Cambridge. We draw our inspiration and commitment from the city’s rich intellectual atmosphere.

Building websites that reflect the essence of Cambridge is our way of celebrating its unique character.

Web Design and Development: Inadequate web design and developmental can cause numerous problems and challenges for business owners, such as: difficult website navigation, low engagement and conversions rate, high bounce rates, and more.

When your website isn’t performing well, your business fails to connect to its target audience and communicate your products and services.

That’s why a well-designed and developed website is the key to providing good user experience and showcasing your products and services, among others.

At Douglass Digital, we understand the importance of an effective website. Our dedication lies in creating websites that not only look stunning, but also function flawlessly, guaranteeing a seamless user experience for your visitors and delivering an accurate, engaging presentation of your products and services.

SEO Services: The digital world has become an integral part of today’s business. The internet allows you to effortlessly reach potential customers, whether they are locals, or live in distant parts of the world. To make your business more visible, which means more traffic to your website, SEO services and implementations are crucial.

We’ll implement SEO best practices to optimise your website, boosting its chances of ranking higher in search results, driving more organic traffic and visibility for your business.

Branding and Redesign Services: A well-established brand identity helps create trust and sets your business apart from your competition.

Redesigning your website is equally important. Redesigning enables your business to adapt to changes in your potential customer’s preferences by improving the user experience and incorporating new features.

Redesigning provides flexibility to align your website’s content, design, and functionality with your vision and mission, which should be aligned with your audience’s needs and behaviour.

We specialise in branding and redesign services that help you leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you’re starting fresh or seeking a brand refresh, we’re here to help.

Support and Hosting: Hosting services are a must for a successful online presence. It ensures your website is always available to your visitors, keeps it safe from online threats, and makes sure it can handle high traffic at the same time.

Support services are the backbone of your online presence. Support services offer technical assistance, helping with troubleshooting and resolving issues as fast as possible.

We don’t just build websites; we also ensure they run smoothly. Our support and hosting services keep your online presence secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best.

Our team’s diverse skills and experience extend to various industries, including:

Biotech and Life Sciences: We understand the unique needs of the biotech, life sciences and pharma sector. From showcasing innovative research to facilitating communication, we’ve got the expertise.

Membership: Membership organisations require user-friendly websites that engage and retain members. Our solutions allow you to deliver value to your members.

Charity and Non-Profit: We’re passionate about supporting charitable and non-profit organisations. Our services help you tell your story, attract donors and partners, and achieve and communicate your mission to the world.

E-commerce: For e-commerce businesses, we offer solutions that drive conversions and sales. From user-friendly interfaces to secure payment gateways, we’ve got your e-commerce requirements covered.

Recruitment: In the competitive world of recruitment, a strong online presence is essential. We create websites streamline your recruitment process.

Our Team: Cambridge’s Top Designers and Developers

Our web design Cambridge team specialises in creating responsive and user-friendly websites.

Our success is driven by our exceptional team. We are a collective of passionate designers, developers, and digital strategists dedicated to turning your vision into reality.

With deep-rooted local knowledge and a global perspective, we’re your trusted partner for all things web.

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Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

A big thank you to Sophie, Daniel C. and Rob for ensuring we went live ahead of time with a website that is exactly what I hoped we might achieve when we first started.

In fact, if I’m honest it is better than I hoped for and something everyone in the company is proud of and delighted to see as our shop window.

It has been a pleasure working with you all and I know we will have further projects we can work on together in the future.

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Transimmune
Justin Deckworth
Co-founder & CEO
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

We have loved working with the Douglass Digital team. Our project has exceeded expectations and the team are friendly, communicate well, and listen to our ideas and feedback. They respond quickly and have produced some truly awesome work. We would highly recommend working with Douglass Digital

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Owlstone Medical
Lara Pocock
Marketing Manager
Owlstone Medical
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

First of all, I’d like to highlight the fact that our project came with tight constraints, Douglass Digital accepted this and delivered a great website. We had contacted other agencies, but Douglass Digital were the ones who took that constraint in their stride and modified their planning to accommodate for it. It should not be a regular situation, but that was already a very positive sign of dedication to the project from them.

From the brief we provided, they came up with interesting ideas and original designs, the best of which made it to the final cut and was appreciated by all our internal stakeholders. Once built, the final website was faithful to the previously agreed-upon design, functionalities are working well and glitch-free. As with any project, you want to make sure you have a thorough QA/QC process, and Douglass Digital were very responsive in fixing minor issues or even small changes in design we decided at the last-minute when looking at the final product.

The overall collaboration was direct, quick and efficient, with clear expectations and deliverables from both sides, whether through messages and meetings. Training videos also made sure we felt like we were in control of the final website and that we have the ability to modify content by ourselves in the future, and that the website is not just a black box with no insights for us. Moreover, all of the team members are very nice to talk to and very receptive to discussions and brainstorming.We are currently working with them on another web project. 5 stars all the way!!!

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Scipio
Wilko Duprez
Head of Communications
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

I cannot give enough praise for Douglass Digital. They were excellent!

It became apparent after conducting an internal review that the user experience and accessibility of our previous website was falling short and whilst we didn’t need a complete revamp of content and branding, we needed to transition to a new CMS and refresh our existing design. I was introduced to Charlie and knew immediately that they were the right digital design company for us to use.

At the start of the project, we had an exploratory meeting to discuss our aims and to allow Douglass Digital to find out more about us as a company. Charlie went beyond surface level, looking in-depth at the customer profiles of our users, and took the time to gain an understanding of what our company wanted to represent.

After this meeting, Sophie presented us with several impeccable proto-type designs. Though we were reassured these were drafts and that the drafts could be completely overhauled and redone if desired, we were blown away by the quality of Sophie’s initial designs. They were high-quality, and we could immediately see our vision in her work. We were able to combine elements of two designs we couldn’t decide between, Sophie merged our favourite elements of each design into what became our final look.

We were kept in the loop throughout the project, with regular updates about the progress, as well as clear instructions on what was needed from us to continue. And after the designs were finalised, we were able to see functional prototype webpages within a couple of weeks.

Robert was integral to not just the building of the site but also getting the functionality of our job board working. He was knowledgeable, but clear and concise, patiently explaining all the tech jargon for us. And he kept us consistently updated throughout the initial teething problems with third-party integrations. He also went the extra mile in helping us resolve an issue with Google Analytics for our former site, which saved us from needing to start from scratch.

We were impressed by how completely Douglass Digital had taken on board the aims we had and managed to style the website in a way that represented us as a company. They substantially improved the functionality of our website compared to our former site, and produced a beautiful, modern, and bespoke website that suited us.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Star icon Star icon Star icon Douglass Digital - Harvey John
David Waddell
Managing Director
Harvey John

Website Project scoping

All projects start with a detailed scoping exercise with all key stakeholders involved. This important part of the project will cover all aspects of the new website, expected user experiences and early recommendations based on intitial research. All of this knowledge combined will form the scope of work. We will then adopt an agile delivery approach to all projects ensuring that key deliverables can be rolled out in phases, this will help to keep the project efficient and flexible when working with key priorities. 

Web Design Approach

We will work closely with our clients to come up with a design which is fresh, modern and optimised for multiple devices to suit all organisational needs. This is very much down to content analysis we would also want to implement a design which will suit the client’s future needs. We can also work with clients on full re-brand exercises where we get involved with creating colour palletes, type faces and brand assets to go perfectly with your new website. 

Website hosting, maintenance and support in Cambridge

It is important that you have a partner who will be able to take care of the day to day management and maintenance of the website. Douglass Digital will monitor, test and update the website’s core software to keep your website up to date, secure and error free. 

We offer support on a 7 hour per day by 5 days per week basis. Support packages must be purchased in advance so that we can pre-book time in our schedules for all of our clients, this enables us to be responsive to client requests and turn around tweaks, fixes and changes much faster. All support clients support contracts can be tailored to suit the size and complexity of the site as well as the amount of users a client has.  Our hosting uptime guarantee is 99.99%

Video production

We have found in recent years that Video content goes really well with a brand new website. Often these videos can form a key aspect of the website’s design. Check out our hero video created for Gamma Delta Therapeutics and Cambridge Vacuum Engineering.

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