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Life Sciences Website Design

Expert Life Sciences Website Design

Transimmune’s website received an upgrade with Douglass Digital’s expert skills in life sciences website design and development. We combined expertise with exceptional aesthetics for a top-notch digital presence.

About Transimmune

Transimmune, founded by Dr. Richard Edelson, began with ground-breaking work in treating cutaneous T cell lymphoma using extracorporeal photopheresis. Initially developed as ex vivo chemotherapy in the 1980s, ECP surprisingly led to complete remissions in some patients.

This discovery has brought to light a natural boost to the immune system, benefiting cancer patients and those going through organ transplants or managing graft vs host disease. The key was found in platelets interacting with blood monocytes, leading to dendritic cell production.

Transimmune’s mission is to use this simple method to develop therapeutics that work harmoniously with the immune system.

Custom Life Sciences Website Design Services

Transimmune approached Douglass Digital to create a website that would convey their incredible work in immunology.

Transimmune needed a website that could present complex science in an engaging way to scientists, healthcare professionals, and potential partners.

Douglass Digital’s web design and development expertise made Transimmune’s website a success. With responsive design, SEO best practices, and an intuitive user experience, the site not only excels, but also engages the audience effectively.

We designed a website that matched Transimmune’s scientific nature and effectively communicated their mission and research to their visitors:

Douglass Digital Project

Visual Appeal & Colours

We used engaging visuals, interactive maps, and clear lists to simplify complex concepts, ideas, and timelines, making them easy to understand and navigate.

Professional light and dark blues were chosen to induce trust and align with their medical nature.

Easy Navigation

We made the site easy to navigate, ensuring users could find key information effortlessly. As part of our life sciences website design project for Transimmune, we accurately designed and developed a website structure that aligns with the scientific nature of their work while ensuring accessibility and clarity for all visitors.

The following main pages were strategically developed:

Home: The homepage serves as a welcoming gateway to Transimmune’s mission and recent highlights, offering an immediate glimpse into their ground-breaking work.

About Us: This section provides a full overview of Transimmune’s history, mission, and the visionary team behind their remarkable contributions to the field of immunology.

Science & Technology: This dedicated page delves into the core of Transimmune’s scientific endeavours. It offers detailed insights into their innovative research and technologies, presenting complex concepts in an easily understandable manner.

Partnership & Investors: Transimmune’s collaborative efforts and partnerships are highlighted on this page. It offers a transparent view of their network and the support that fuels their advancements.

News & Publications: Stay updated with the latest developments, research findings, and publications from Transimmune through this informative section.

Careers: For individuals who are passionate about contributing to ground-breaking research, the “Careers” page offers information on opportunities to join the Transimmune team.


Our collaboration resulted in a visually appealing, user-friendly, and informative website that caters to the specific needs of life science companies:

Engages Users

Our biotech and life sciences website design captivates visitors, encouraging them to spend more time on Transimmune’s website.

Increases Understanding

We specialise in designs that not only simplify complex medical science, but also utilise interactive showcase features to make information easily understandable for a broader audience.

Professional Image

Our life sciences website designs are crafted to project a highly professional image, building trust and credibility within the biotech, life sciences, and pharma sector.



Our collaboration with Transimmune on their life science web design project demonstrates the power of effective design in communicating complex ideas. By combining engaging visuals with clear content, the website effectively communicates Transimmune’s mission and achievements to a broad audience, contributing to their digital success.

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Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Feedback

A big thank you to Sophie, Daniel C. and Rob for ensuring we went live ahead of time with a website that is exactly what I hoped we might achieve when we first started.

In fact, if I’m honest it is better than I hoped for and something everyone in the company is proud of and delighted to see as our shop window.

It has been a pleasure working with you all and I know we will have further projects we can work on together in the future.

Justin Deckworth Co-founder & CEO Transimmune

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