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Your Ecommerce Web Design Agency

Crafting incredibly slick buyer journeys to help increase your online sales

e-Commerce / Woocommerce

At Douglass Digital we love using WooCommerce to help our clients fulfil their business needs.

Typical needs can include but are not limited to:

  • selling products online
  • build quotes
  • rent out items
  • manage membership subscriptions and many more.

E-commerce Web Design Services

Our e-commerce web design services cover everything you need for your online business, including:

  • intuitive interface and design
  • smooth and simple checkout processes
  • strong security
  • mobile optimisation
  • consistent design

Trust us to transform your e-commerce website and drive growth and success for your business.

What is an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website is created for and used by businesses that sell online products or services.

These websites typically include the following elements:

  • product/service listings
  • product/services categories and filters
  • shopping cart
  • payment gateways
  • an order management system
  • search functionality

This type of website is a seller’s digital store where customers can browse, compare, choose, and buy items.

What makes a remarkable e-commerce website?

User-focused Interface

One of the most important aspects of a great e-commerce website is creating a user-friendly design that helps customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Smooth

navigation, clear categories, filters, and easy-to-find search bars and buttons are at the top of the list.

Easy Checkout Process

To ensure your customers don’t bail at the last minute, keep it simple by:

  • reducing the form fields
  • offer them the option to checkout as a guest
  • give them clear instructions on how to pay
  • inform them about the shipping options and return and refund policy


Protecting customer data during transactions is a crucial step in building eCommerce websites. It builds trust, reduces financial loss, and ensures compliance with security regulations.

Mobile Optimisation

Most of today’s online shopping is happening on mobile devices, so it’s only natural to ensure your website runs smoothly on different devices and screen sizes.

Clear Product Information

Clear information helps customers better understand the product before purchasing, thus reducing the chances of returns and building trust.

Design consistency

Maintain a consistent appearance on all pages for essential elements on your website, such as the colour scheme, menu bar and logo placement, page structure, and font.

This strategy creates brand consistency and a smooth user experience.

Customer reviews

Incorporating a customer reviews section or page will help build trust and improve your services or products. Customers rely on reviews to make informed decisions based on previous customer experiences with your business.

Expert Ecommerce Web Design Agency

WooCommerce is a fantastic open source eCommerce (electronic commerce) plugin that you can download that allows you to buy and sell physical and digital goods and services over the internet.

It started back in 2008 and was founded by three WordPress enthusiasts, it now powers 37% of all online stores and it is the most popular e-commerce platform on the web.

Merchants using the plugin have a whole host of flexibility with their products without having to know too much about the technical side of things.

E-commerce is conducted using a variety of applications such as email, fax, online catalogs and shopping carts, electronic data interchange, file transfer protocol and web services.

It is built to integrate easily with WordPress and it is the favourite e-commerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.

Choosing an E-commerce Web Design Agency

To create a memorable e-commerce website, partnering with an experienced e-commerce web design agency can make all the difference.

Intuitive design, easy checkout, strong security measures, mobile optimisation, and design consistency are the most important aspects of an e-store that offers a trustworthy shopping experience to your customers.

Douglass Digital Stats

WordPress and Woocommerce power over 28% of the world’s online stores with Woocommerce being the most popular plugin on the internet.

Douglass Digital Stats

We have helped our clients increase their online sales by approximately 300% we do this through excellent UX and SEO strategies.

Douglass Digital Stats

Accept 100s of different payment methods from Stripe (enabling apple pay) Paypal and many many more. We can also support repeat payments and subscription payments.

Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

We are delighted with the both professional and personal touch Douglass Digital have shown us whilst creating a new website for our company. What started off with a few key ideas turned out to be exactly what we wanted. We were impressed how the initial meetings progress to our new website.
Whilst they worked to meet our deadline they also hosted our old website that instantly speeded up click rate.
Very satisfied to say the least.

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Luke Whiting
Darcy and Everest