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Membership Web Design

First Class Membership Websites to increase member engagement & retention.

Membership Websites

Douglass Digital understands the unique challanges encountered by membership organisaitons and associations when it comes to their website design requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to enhancing online engagement and retention by crafting exceptional experiences through our robust and interactive WordPress membership websites.

Getting to know your Members

The key to implemeting a highly successful membership website is to deliver seamless user journeys. This gives members a compelling reason to return time and time again. We achieve this through careful research and understanding who your members really are. With over 15 years of membership website development experience we love putting forward new ideas and future roadmap improvements.

Depending on your exact requirements we can implement

  • Easy to use WordPress content management system
  • Tailor-made membership dashboards creating interactive membership experiences
  • CiviCRM Membership CRM which will provide organisations with a streamlined way of managing membership and member data.
  • Memberpress or an alternative solution to providing a simplistic membership platform built directly into your WordPress website.
  • Mange entire membership event booking workflows
  • Woocommerce to handle any payments required as part of handing your membership subscriptions or event bookings.
  • Integration with Xero or Quickbooks for quick and easy invoice generation
  • Integration with Zoom to manage interactive events for your membership.
  • Online CPD see our CPD for WordPress offering

Need a Membership CRM with your Membership Website?

We can also help identify inefficiencies within traditional, cumbersome administrative tasks either by implementing new back office systems such as CiviCRM. We can also make your existing back office system work better for you through improved CRM integration. CiviCRM is fully open source and contributed by a number of developers including us.

Membership Web Design

The Role and Benefits offered by Membership Websites

What is a membership website?

The term membership website refers to the process of creating and developing online platforms that offer exclusive access and benefits to registered members of a particular organisation or community. These websites are specifically designed to cater to organisations such as professional associations, nonprofits, clubs, or businesses that seek to provide value and cultivate a sense of community amongst their members.

The methodology of a membership website focuses on creating user-friendly registration and login systems, intuitive navigation, and personalised member experiences. It aims to facilitate seamless member interactions, provide access to exclusive content or resources, and enable features like tiered membership levels, subscription management, event registration, and member communication.

Understanding Membership Websites

Regardless of the sector or industry, membership websites play a vital role in creating a sense of belonging and deivering value to members. The registration and login process of a membership website should be streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring that members can easily create accounts, log in, and access their benefits. Different membership subscription models can be implemented, offering different levels of access and privileges based on member preferences and subscription levels.

CRM Integration

A website fully integrated with your Membership CRM involves the creation and development of online platforms that facilitate effective management of customer relationships and interactions. An integrated CRM and website is designed to centralise customer data, track interactions, and provide tools for managing customer relationships.

The design of a fully integrated CRM and website focuses on delivering a user-friendly interface for managing customer information, facilitating efficient communication, and supporting data-driven decision-making processes. Integration with other systems, such as membership websites or other business applications, may also be a part of CRM website design to provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions and streamline operations.

Exploring CRM Solutions

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform enables organisations to store, track, and analyse customer interactions and data. It helps businesses understand their customers better and enhance their satisfaction. Integrating CRM with a membership website allows organisations to have a complete view of member activities, behaviour, preferences, and engagement.

Designing an Effective Membership and CRM Website

Creating effective CRM and membership websites requires careful consideration of various elements. A successful design should prioritise user experience, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing aesthetics. Clear and user-friendly registration and login processes ensure a seamless registration experience for members. Customisation options, such as branding elements and visual themes, help align the website design with the organisation’s identity and create a solid online presence.

Responsive design is crucial to ensure the website functions and displays optimally across different devices and screen sizes. It’s important to showcase compelling visuals, engaging content, and easy-to-find information to captivate and retain member interest. Striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics is key to creating an exceptional user experience.

Streamlining Operations with CRM & Membership Websites

CRM and membership websites offer powerful tools for streamlining operations and enhancing organisational efficiency. Automated membership registration, renewal, and payment processes save time and effort for both members and administrators. Event management features simplify event registration, ticketing, and attendee management, making it easier to organise and track member participation. Communication tools within the CRM and membership websites, such as email newsletters, member directories, and discussion forums, foster member engagement and facilitate effective communication.

Furthermore, CRM helps businesses and organsations operate efficiently by providing tools to automate essential tasks. With CRM, workflow automation enhances operational efficiency by automating tasks like notifications, reminders, and document management. This reduces the need for manual administrative work, saving time and streamlining processes.

Security and Data Privacy Considerations

Security and data privacy are critical considerations when handling member data within membership and CRM websites. Protecting member information is essential to maintain trust and comply with privacy regulations. Implementing robust security measures, such as data encryption, secure hosting, and regular backups, helps safeguard member data from unauthorised access or breaches.

Compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA ensures that member data is handled in a lawful and transparent manner. Payment information and transactions should be securely managed and protected using security protocols. Obtaining member consent, establishing clear data retention policies, and providing transparency in data practices contribute to a secure and trustworthy member experience.


To sum up, CRM and membership websites play a crucial role in enabling organisations to connect with their members, streamline operations, and nurture communities. By creating user-friendly registration processes, intuitive navigation systems, and personalised member experiences, these websites provide exclusive access and benefits to registered members. Membership websites cater to diverse organisations, offering networking opportunities, educational resources, discounts, and member-only events. Integrating CRM functionalities enhances customer relationships, enabling personalised interactions, and decision-making based on collected data.

The design of these websites should prioritise user experience, responsiveness, and visual appeal. By streamlining operations, automating processes, and leveraging CRM insights, organisations can optimise efficiency, enhance member engagement, and drive growth.

Additionally, ensuring data security and privacy compliance is vital to maintaining trust and safeguarding member information. Overall, CRM and membership website design serves as a powerful tool for organisations to cultivate thriving communities, strengthen relationships, and achieve their objectives.

Our Membership Website Solutions

Douglass Digital excels in collaborating with organisations from diverse fields to provide top-notch CRM and Membership website design projects tailored to suite any preferences and requiremets. Whether you’re a new or existing client, we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your digital goals.

CRM and membership websites require a unique set of skills to ensure that user experiences and management of customer relationships are effortlessly executed. Our team understands the importance of creating user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and personalised experiences. We work closely with our clients to ensure their websites meet the specific requirements of their membership and customer relationship needs.

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Membership Websites FAQs

Discover the answers to the most common questions about membership websites. Discover how these platforms can enhance your organization’s engagement and cultivate a thriving sense of community.

From must-have features to data security, your journey to understanding starts here!

Membership websites are not easy websites to build. Often they require a lot of planning and scoping to make sure requirements are captured so the website can be built to meet those requirements. We utillise our experience to ensure all possibilities are factored into each project.

A membership website benefits your organisation by providing a platform to engage and retain members, offer exclusive content or services, and foster a sense of community. It can generate revenue through membership fees and provide valuable data for targeted marketing.

Membership websites can include features such as user registration and login, member profiles, content access controls, forums or discussion boards, event calendars, payment processing for membership fees, and integration with email marketing or CRM systems.

Membership website platforms often provide built-in tools for managing member subscriptions and payments. These tools enable you to track member registrations, process recurring payments, manage membership levels or tiers, and send automated renewal reminders.

Yes, integration with other systems or platforms is often possible. This includes integration with email marketing software, CRM systems, payment gateways, analytics tools, or other third-party services, enabling seamless data flow and automation.

Yes, membership websites can support multiple membership levels or tiers. You can create different subscription plans with varying access to content, features, or member benefits. This allows you to offer tiered pricing and cater to the diverse needs of your members.

Ongoing support and maintenance services can include technical assistance, regular updates to website software and plugins, backup and security monitoring, troubleshooting, and help desk support. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for additional services like content updates or marketing support.

In addition to standard SSL encryption, two-factor authentication is essential. Equally vital is maintaining up-to-date systems with the latest security patches.

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A Glimpse into Our Work

Our collaborative partnerships with clients in the Membership and CRM industry are a source of pride for us. We assist them in establishing a strong online presence, boosting member engagement, and communicating the value of their offerings to a wider audience.

Explore some of our successful projects in CRM and Membership website design below:

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Over 15 years of experience working within the membership sector

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14 successfully implemented membership web design projects over our 7 years in business

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The team are currently working on 3 new membership website development projects


Tailored solutions for your members

Membership Dashboards

Membership Dashboards

Increase engagement by providing customised membership dashboards displaying data directly from your membership management system or CRM.
Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Show off the breadth of your content through our interactive knowledge hubs with easy search and filtering capabilities.
Events module

Events module

Allow members to book onto events and access event attendence certificates. Integrate if necessary with our online CPD platform.
Member’s shop

Member’s shop

Enable preferential rates for your members in your e-Commerce shop. Pull shop activity through to your CRM for more advanced reporting.


Members can bookmark pages and access them within their members dashboard giving your the ability to personalise your members experiences online.


Members can join special interest groups and engage with other members within their groups and discussion forums.
User profile

User profile

Enable members to self serve via their profile. Capture everything about your members including special interests.

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