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WordPress Support Agency

We strive to deliver the best Wordpress support service available. Try us out today!

WordPress Support and Hosting

We are a WordPress Support Agency providing leading WordPress support and maintenance services.

Having a WordPress support retainer in place provides our customers with the peace of mind that their WordPress websites will be running smoothly no matter what problems may get in the way. We also understand that having a highly performing website is mission critical for business success.

Another important consideration is providing continuous improvement and maintenance to your website, this will also ensure your WordPress website is always performing at its best, this is also critical for maintaining website security. As part of our WordPress hosting services we are contractually required to maintain all WordPress websites within our hosting environment.

Service level agreement

When you become a Douglass Digital Customer you will have full access to our support help desk where you can log tickets and our in-house team will be happy to help and respond within our competitive service level agreement.

For more information on our support services and how we can help you please contact us we also provide SEO services to our clients.


As part of our popular support packages we can also provide clients with training and re-training to ensure best practices are always used. Training can be carried out via a series of training videos and screen recordings. We can also carry out training days and workshops to ensure your team are all on the same page when it comes to managing your website.


If you are not already a customer, but find you are struggling with your existing WordPress website, we would be more than happy to provide you with our WordPress support services as well as additional training, try our WordPress customer service today!

Douglass Digital Stats

As a professional WordPress Support Company we solved over 900 support requests in the last year with a 96% happiness rating

Douglass Digital Stats

We reward our support team for being the best they can be. Last year’s “customer wow champion” was Daniel C!

Douglass Digital Stats

We strive to share knowledge across our entire team by ensuring each team member works across different websites and not the same sites.

Are you looking for an experienced team to support your website? Enquire about our WordPress Support Packages today!

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