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Wessex LMCs wanted to refresh its old website to accurately align with its goals. To accomplish this, Douglass Digital provided Wessex with a complete CRM website integration.
Our team at Douglass Digital revamped the site and added new features to allow operations to run smoother.

About Wessex LMCs

Wessex Local Medical Committees (LMCs) is a representative body for over 3400 GPs across Dorset, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, and other regions in the UK.

Wessex partnered with Douglass Digital to revamp its website, giving it a modern look and adding specific functionalities to improve user experience and data management.

Main Project Objectives

Website Redesign: Through website redesign, Wessex gained a new and modern look, ensuring it reflected Wessex’s vision and objectives.

CRM Website Integration with WordPress CMS: Combining the CRM (customer relationship management) into the website system aims to consolidate data and streamline user interactions.


Douglass Digital Project

Significant Functionalities

Various Tool Integration:

  • Stripe Payment System Integration: Stripe, a secure payment system, has been integrated into the website to improve payment registration, security, and build trust among members.
  • QuickBooks Accounting System Integration: Integration with QuickBooks streamlined financial operations and improved overall accounting efficiency. The system generates automated invoices regardless of the payment status.
  • Zoom Integration for Online Events: CiviCRM is integrated with Zoom for online events. Participants receive emails with online invitations.
  • Email System Integration: The system is integrated with Mailtrap for faster and more efficient bulk email sending.

Events with Bookings: This functionality authorises members to easily view, manage, and book events on the website. Platform features and event pricing are tailored based on membership type, job title, and group.

Individual members also have the option to highlight their availability and other details for potential job opportunities.

The system offers post-event surveys for participants via email and the responses are forwarded to trainers. It also provides an invitee sign-in sheet to track participants and act as a register.


Jobs/Vacancies Posting Integrated with CRM: The system also allows for job postings. Practice managers or other members who have been granted access by the admins can post ads.

Documents Library: Through this functionality, members can access resources easily. 

CRM Website Integration

The most significant change was setting the CRM right into the website. This integration aimed to improve data accessibility, communication, and operational efficiency.

Streamlining Operations

Integrating the CRM within the website was driven by the need to streamline operations. The previous separation between the website and CRM posed challenges in data coordination and slowed the workflow. 

By consolidating these systems, Wessex achieved a more efficient operational structure. Real-time data updates, improved communication channels, and simplified workflows were among the benefits of this integration.


The collaboration between Wessex LMCs and Douglass Digital resulted in a successful digital transformation. 

This CRM Website Integration project showcases the power of strategic website redesign in achieving a balanced and streamlined digital presence.

Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Project

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