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Welcome to Douglass Digital!

We specialise in building secure and customised websites for LMCs.

Our goal is to provide customised solutions that make your website stand out and serve your goals effectively. We aim to align our designs with our client’s objectives, ensuring a digital presence that accurately represents their identity and values.

Our websites are built to simplify operations and data management and improve communication and user engagement.

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Local Medical Committees (LMCs)

LMCs are independent and non-political organisations that act as representative bodies for NHS General Practitioners (GPs).

These committees continuously offer guidance and collaborate with the General Practitioners Committee (GPC), other branch-of-practice committees, and local specialist medical committees.

Tailored LMCs Solutions Overview

We understand how important it is for LMCs to flawlessly deliver information, resources and guidance to its contacts and the public.

Below are some essential features that we can offer and incorporate into your website:


Cyber-security is a top priority. Your website and your users’ information will be secure and protected. 

Our servers are secured as we take all the necessary security measures, which include amongst others:

  • We ensure that users’ information is securely stored and only accessed by trusted staff members by following strong security measures.
  • We use a custom-built security module that scans incoming requests and protects against common attacks.
  • We use advanced IDS/IPS systems that block hostile activity.

design tools iconTool Integration 

  • Payment System

Payment systems have power to not only authorise and process digital payments but also provide a smooth and secure digital experience for users.

  •   Accounting System

Along with payments come financial processes that need to be addressed.

By integrating an automated accounting system multiple manual and separate tasks are replaced by one system that handles all of them.

Financial records and reports, income and expenses, and compliance with regulatory requirements are all done automatically by one system.

  •   Online Events Hosting Platform

This feature helps with virtual events organisation and management. Webinars, meetings, conferences, and more can be easily accessed and organised by integrating an online events hosting platform.

This feature allows members to participate in remote events and Q&A sessions, have real-time interactions, register, receive reminders and post-events analytics reports.

  •   Email System

Communication is made easy with an email system that improves your communication with your contacts, sending newsletters, updates, invitations, and other important information.

copywriting iconCommittee Management

Our websites include features that make the process of overseeing and organising activities, operations, and contacts hassle-free and efficient.

Multiple Access Levels

We can also implement multiple access levels, making sure that certain features, benefits, and content are offered to users based on their chosen access level. 

customers reviewsElection Management System

We can integrate an election management system that acts as a one-stop hub for all election-related tasks and processes. From voter registration to calendars, deadlines and the official results, we offer a simple and accessible system for all voters and participants.

affiliate marketing iconLMC User Dashboard 

We offer customised and intuitive interfaces that give LMC users access to their personal details and any information they require as part of their practice within the LMC. 

content sharingNews and Events

This section will include news and events, such as upcoming meetings, webinars, conferences, and other events.

All displayed in a user-friendly and easy-to-access manner.

keywordsResources Hub

We will build a section on your website that provides resources for your members, such as training materials, educational documents, videos, guides, and documents from government agencies, medical associations, and other organisations.

creative idea-1 iconPersonalised Requests

We are pleased to collaborate with you and bring any specific need or requirements to life.

Whether you have unique design preferences or functionality requests, our team is committed to working closely to find the best solutions for you.

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Let’s discuss how we can bring your digital needs to life!

Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

After a lot of searching for the right partner to develop our integrated CRM and website project we engaged Douglass Digital. A very thorough process in terms of spec, design, build and testing and excellent project management. Brought lots of ideas and solutions and were a pleasure to work with. Went above and beyond which was much appreciated.

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Andrew Chalk
Director of Operations
British Blind and Shutter Association
Douglass Digital Review
Douglass Digital Feedback

Douglas Digital have been fantastic, both in delivering our new-look website and associated member area, which we are incredibly proud of, but also in the maintenance and development support they continue to provide us. We feel in very safe hands!

Leila Walker, British Ornithologists’ Union

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Leila Walker

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