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User-friendly and secure membership website and CRM!
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As part of our collaboration, we provided custom CRM development services. Thus, we created a solution that integrated with the British Fertility Society’s WordPress website.

The main goal is to improve member interactions, streamline website processes, and improve overall relationship management.

About BFS

Since 1972, BFS has been part of the journey of reproductive science and technology. The British Fertility Society has grown alongside the fertility field.

Now actively promoting knowledge-sharing, education, and improved practice standards.

The Challenge

BFS teamed up with Douglass Digital to transform its website. The old site needed a modern look and a focus on users.

BFS also wanted to integrate their website with tools for easy maintenance and member interactions.

Douglass Digital Project

CRM Development Services

  • Membership Integration: We successfully migrated all the data and memberships to the new website from an old WordPress and WooCommerce Website. Our CRM development services streamlined management processes and member interactions
  • Member Inclusion: Making members feel connected with the organisation was important. That’s why we created a clean and easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, we added a dynamic feature which showcases members’ photos on the homepage.
  • CRM Integration and Automated System: We also introduced a way for BFS to centralise processes for efficient management. These processes include membership interactions, payments, event registration, email management, and more. A great example is the Study Week event sign-up. Members register, receive a login code via automated emails, and access valuable resources.
  • Membership Features: Different membership levels were added, each with its own set of questions during sign-up. Members also get reminder emails when it’s time to renew their membership. We also added the option to post jobs. For quality and safety, posting jobs includes online payments and admin approval.
  • Training Options: Another useful feature is the training page. Members can sign up to be trainers or request one. This promotes constant collaboration and aligns with BFS’s mission.
  • Elections and Feedback: A unique addition for BFS is the annual elections through the CRM platform. Members can show interest, get nominated, and vote. The system automatically sends details about elections, calendars, deadlines, and rules. There’s also an option to send feedback to BFS. For continuous improvement, the system asks members for anonymous feedback about the website.
  • Targeted Design: The website’s interface is clear and intuitive. Because BFS works only with fertility specialists, we added a special section for the general public. The targeted design ensures a smooth experience for everyone.
  • Event Booking: We made booking events easier by setting fees based on member or non-member status.


  • Enhanced User Experience: The redesign services gave the website an intuitive look, making it easy for members to navigate.
  • Streamlined Membership Processes: Implementing a CRM centralised and simplified the website maintenance processes and member interactions.
  • Improved Knowledge Sharing: The new website supports sharing information, education, and practice standards. All align with BFS’s main goal.
  • Global Reach: BFS connects people worldwide, promoting collaboration across various fields in reproductive medicine.


Our journey with BFS was about providing them with a more efficient way to handle their website and memberships. Our CRM development services improved user experience, boosted security, and simplified navigation and registration on WordPress.

Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Project

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