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Membership websites

With over 15 years of experience in the membership sector, we can leverage our experience and key contacts in order to provide a complete, online solution which will simply amaze you, furthermore it will provide your members with a truly delightful online experience.

We can build membership websites that will blow you your mind! Check our our web design work.

Our expertise will help you devise your digital strategy from membership website design, development and integration. You can use your website to collect membership subscriptions, provide protected areas and allow members to book themselves onto events.

Depending on your exact requirements we can implement the following:

  • Easy to use WordPress content management system
  • BuddyPress to provide an interactive membership experience and group functionality
  • CiviCRM Membership CRM which will provide the organisation with a streamlined way of managing membership and member data.
  • Memberpress or an alternative solution to providing a membership platform built directly into your WordPress website.
  • Integration with event calendars to handle availability and bookings for your events.
  • Woocommerce to handle any payments required as part of handing your membership subscriptions.

Membership websites

Beautiful, mobile friendly websites for your members to access key information without having to fight to find what they are looking for

Membership CRM

Fully integrated with your website. We use CiviCRM which will help streamline your internal operations from handling online membership subscriptions and payments to understanding who your members really are

Event Management

This is included as part of the Membership CRM. Members or Potential Members can book themselves onto your events. This can include full conference management

Interactive Spaces

Want to provide your members with an interactive place to collaborate? No problem, this can be achieved using Buddy Press, which is fully integrated into WordPress. In effect you can create your very own social network

Membership Directory

Members can find eachother or members of the public can search for members based on speciality and expertise.

Social Media Integration

Everything we do can be fully integrated with Social Media so that you can reach out to all of your followers and raise awareness of your new interactive membership website!