Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science

Expertly designed platform to explore the world of conservation science.
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About Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (ICCS)

ICCS teamed up with Douglass Digital to combine their three websites into one cohesive platform, a process called website consolidation.

Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (ICCS) is a research group at the University of Oxford.

Understanding that progress comes from knowing people’s motivations and challenges, ICCS is dedicated to tackling global challenges related to the decline of biodiversity. Their work involves studying the connections between nature and society, employing diverse methods and interdisciplinary approaches to address crucial conservation issues.


Enhancing UX through Website Consolidation

Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (ICCS) and Douglass Digital happily joined forces to improve ICCS’s online presence.

The task involved consolidating three different websites into a single, streamlined platform, focusing on improving their visitors’ experience and accessibility.

What is website consolidation?

Website consolidation refers to the process of combining multiple websites or properties into a single platform. This can involve combining content, databases, and any other valuable information and elements to create a more streamlined online presence.

The goal of website consolidation often aims to enhance user experience and streamline administrative tasks.

Douglass Digital Project


ICCS’s previous structure presented challenges in terms of navigation, accessibility, and user engagement. With separate websites, there was a need to integrate these seamlessly into one single, integrated website.

The existing design lacked modernity and responsiveness, obstructing the communication of ICCS’s impactful work to its audience.


Our approach was simple; the overall idea was to initiate a complete redesign that integrates all three ICCS websites. The consolidation and enhancement of the websites aimed to align with modern digital standards, improve user experience, and accurately present ICCS’s goals and objectives.

This approach helped highlight the organisation’s mission, research, and projects in the most efficient and intuitive manner possible.

Website Structure

With each section of the website having its purpose, we also tried to streamline the visitor’s journey and highlight the most important aspects of ICCS’s identity and work. To accurately capture ICCS’s unique identity, we picked colours of nature: sky and ocean blue, forest green, sunny yellow, and pure white.

This deliberate approach ensures that the visual experience acts as a guide, offering visitors a better understanding of their valuable content.


The design used for the Home page has helped summarise and highlight the most important aspects of the organisation’s identity.

About Us

One of the most crucial pages on a website was built in a simple yet efficient way, providing useful insight into ICCS’s role as an academic research group within the Department of Biology at the University of Oxford.

Research Themes

Explores ICCS’s vision and approach to taking conservation science beyond academia.

Emphasises the importance of bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and practical implementation.


Features a dynamic section for blogs, allowing users to explore and search based on date, category, or author.


Provides an interactive space to discover ongoing projects categorised by country, theme, or researcher.


This page offers quick and easy access to the publications and research of the ICCS organisation.


The redesigned website has successfully transformed ICCS’s online presence, presenting a visually appealing interface. User engagement has been enhanced, allowing visitors to seamlessly explore ICCS’s work.

By aligning the website with modern design principles and user expectations, Douglass Digital has improved ICCS’s communication of its impactful work, fostering a deeper connection with a global audience passionate about conservation science.

Collaborating with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science has been an honour, amplifying their mission and commitment to addressing global challenges through our digital partnership.

Douglass Digital Project

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