Key Terms & Definitions



An error or flaw or fault in the design or development of a function within the website. 


Open Source Software

Typically this will be any software that has been used to make your website run. This will be built using platforms such as WordPress, plugins and in some cases CiviCRM. All of this software is licensed under GPL



This is the content management system we use to provide solutions to our customers. 



Visitors to your website.



Search engine optimisation a service we provide which may or may not be included within this agreement 


Software maintenance

Generally this means keeping the underlying software up to date. This includes, WordPress versions, plugin updates and PHP framework updates. 


Security release

An update to the software that has an underlying security update. These updates are considered to be critical and must be carried out within 2 weeks of the security update being released. 


Warranty period

This is normally 30 days from the date of the website launch. During this period if there are any bugs as a result of the implementation of the website, Douglass Digital will fix these free of charge. If something during the warranty period changes or there is an update to the open source software that causes a conflict this will be excluded from the warranty period.