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About Logical Biological

Logical Biological is a supplier of biospecimens essential for the development of diagnostic tests. Their mission is to help scientists create a healthier world by supplying a wide range of biological samples while achieving exceptional reliability, quality, and customer service.


Our collaboration began when Logical Biological needed a partner to provide website redesign services that would encapsulate and deliver their mission, values, and message to their target audience.

Solution: A Glimpse into Our Website Redesign Services

The redesigned website offers a modern interface and smooth user-friendly experience, presenting the company’s commitment to providing high-quality biospecimens and contributing to various scientific fields.


Douglass Digital Project

Every page underwent a redesign to illustrate its purpose:

Home Page

Douglass Digital revamped the Home Page to give users a quick and complete introduction to Logical Biological. All information, from product details to company values, is presented in an organised manner. Each section has a distinct design and visual elements for clarity and engagement.


Douglass Digital transformed this page, adding user-friendly features such as dropdown elements, lists, and a search function to improve the accessibility of Logical Biological’s biospecimens.


The Customisation page highlighted Logical Biological’s services tailored to the client’s needs. It highlighted their diverse solutions, each featuring brief illustrations and placed within interactive dropdowns for effortless access.

About Section

The About page presented Logical Biological as a trusted partner, introducing its leadership team and their biographies. A world map was included to show their extensive reach and global partnerships.

Blogs & News

The Blogs & News section is a dynamic platform for sharing information, featuring organised cards and interactive elements such as zoom-in images and colour-changing buttons upon cursor interaction.

ISO9001 Certification Page

The ISO9001 Certification page established Logical Biological’s commitment to quality processes and products. This page reflects its dedication to continuous improvement and systematic issue resolution.


The website redesign services provided by Douglass Digital successfully transformed the company’s online presence. Each page now provides a seamless user experience and clear navigation, blending with a soothing colour scheme. This ensures easy readability and aligns perfectly with the field.

Key Takeaways

Our website redesign services met industry standards and strategically aligned each page with Logical Biological’s mission, ensuring a consistent and impactful message to the scientific community.

Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Feedback

Douglass Digital offered multiple design options and guided us through the process. We are pleased with our new website, which is modern and professional in design, and easy to navigate and maintain.

Logical Biological
Nicola Ellis Marketing Manager Logical Biological

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