Flourishing Diversity

"We are so happy with the final product and have received many compliments"
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The new website design is one of the most visually appealing sites we have ever created, it has a very artistic design and we are very proud of the final result.

The new WordPress website has a very clean content search and each page is designed to a very high level, it was a great project to work on and we can’t wait to hear what people think.

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Flourishing Diversity are a fairly new organisation who are part of the Synchronicity Earth group, an environmental charity registered in the UK. When the organisation was started a new basic Wix website was created for the organisation to get a quick website presence, after a digital review it was decided this was no longer fit for purpose and Flourishing Diversity wanted to redesign a much stronger visual identity and online presence to represent the organisation better.

They engaged with Douglass Digital to bring our website design flair to the table and help them with this new and exciting WordPress project.


The new website design had to establish the new visual identity and convey the key values of Flourishing Diversity as well as being easy to use for all stakeholders, both new and existing.

The old website was built in Wix and Flourishing Diversity felt the Content Management System (CMS) was inflexible for their needs and the design needed to be completely changed. The new design had to be both visually appealing, easy to navigate and represent everything that is important to Flourishing Diversity well at the same time making sure new users were easily able to find content and explore their Initiatives and principles. The new website was built in WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for the best admin expericance.


Douglass Digital had a number of website design workshops looking at users and personas, types of website design technique and aims and objectives of the new website. We spent a lot of time listening to the needs of Flourishing Diversity, what they wanted to get out of the new design and how they would measure the new project a success.

We had a number of outputs from these workshops including:

  • Website Wireframes
  • Page Component Ideas
  • Moodboards
  • Homepage collage ideas
  • Homepage concepts
Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Project
Douglass Digital Project

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