Addressing WordPress Security Worries

It isn’t a secret that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available on the web today. This popularity unfortunately sometimes impacts its reputation surrounding security. In this article we discuss reasons why WordPress can actually be very secure. The reason for many WordPress security issues are in fact entirely preventable. We have listed a few of the most common causes of weak security:

1.) Running out of date versions of WordPress

The most popular reason why WordPress websites are simply because they are running out of date software. The WordPress Security team are amazingly quick at fixing issues identified within the core software. Generally if software releases are applied promptly it is highly unlikely a security breech will occur. At Douglass Digital we have an agreement in place with our hosting providers that all WordPress websites we host are maintained to the highest possible version of WordPress.

2.) Variety of plugins and themes

One of the reasons for such a popular interest in WordPress is the contribution made by 10,000’s of developers worldwide to create plugins and themes, this brings unrivalled flexibility to website owners especially for those on a tight budget. The downside to this of course does mean an increased risk of adding security vulnerabilities to your website it is therefore important to do necessary research when turning to plugins and themes. Our policy at Douglass Digital is to only use tried and tested plugins if we have to absolutely use plugins. We inherit quite a number of WordPress websites that are jammed full of unnecessary plugins which can also lead to performance issues.

3.) Cheap hosting platforms

Never underestimate hosting costs. You can get cheap hosting anywhere however, if you want to build a good reputation, our recommendation is to think carefully about the hosting provider you are going to use. Do not simply choose the cheapest hosting option. Reputable WordPress hosting providers spend millions on intrusion detection technology, continually monitoring security vulnerabilities. Also consider using a service like Cloudflare at Douglass Digital we use WPengine as our select hosting provider. Read our other post about the perils of cheap hosting.


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