Synchronicity Earth

Synchronicity Earth address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems. After designing and launching a successful Corals microsite, Synchronicity Earth approached Douglass Digital to design and develop a new main site. The old site was outdated and inflexible, lacked imagery, colour and didn’t get across the scope of Synchronicity Earth’s work.

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Visually stunning

Synchronicity Earth’s biggest visual asset is their huge library of wildlife photography and artwork. We’ve packed the site full of stunning images demonstrating Synchronicity Earth’s partners at work, and the species which they are working to preserve.

Intuitive navigation

The key to the new site was in the navigation. After in depth discussions and a workshop around content types and structure, we decided to use a split mega menu. Initially the menu had a tabbed structure, but following stakeholder feedback was changed to a columned layout. The menu makes it easy for users to navigate to find the information they are after, and encourages them to explore more of what Synchronicity Earth does.

Interactive partners map

The new Partners map showcases the scale and reach of Synchronicity Earth’s operations. Users can navigate the various Partners via the customised Google Map or use the handy filters to quickly drill down the options.

Flexible donations

A new donations page makes it easy and intuitive for donors to make a general donation, or give to a specific programme. The system is built to handle all donations offline, but with the capability of taking online payments via Stripe or PayPal if and when is required. Donors also have the option of making a donation via JustGiving.

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