End of credit and debit card surcharges – what it means for online businesses

From 2018, businesses in the UK won’t be able to charge their customers fees for card payments. This will have an impact on small online shops which often recoup their card processing fees at the checkout.
Small business often have to pay the highest fees of all, due to their lower volume of sales.

PayPal Merchant fees

It is now more important than ever that your business is minimising it’s card processing costs. Douglass Digital can help you chose the right system for your business. We have experience integrating a range of payment providers, including: WorldPay, Stripe, Paypal, SagePay, GoCardless and Lloyds.
If you’re paying more than 2% per transaction on processing fees, there’s a good chance switching providers can reduce your costsContact Douglass Digital today to find out how we can help.