Woocommerce (the wordpress based ecommerce platform) has just rolled out version 3.1.0 and there are some huge feature upgrades. Woocommerce CSV import

Of the 9 additional features there is one that stands out and is rightly put at the head of the Woocommerce Changelog, this is the import/export feature that has sadly been missing from the default woocommerce install.

Previously the ability to bulk import product details and bulk update prices from a spreadsheet was the preserve of paid for plugins, both from woocommerce and third party developers. Usually costing around $100 these plugins seriously cut down work load when suppliers issue new costs and retail pricing for products. Changing hundreds of products would take hours of work. But with the import facility upload of new pricing by SKU would take mere minutes.

To get this free built in feature for woocommerce, just update the plugin, browse to the admin Products tab and you will see the 2 buttons for Import and Export functions.

As with any website change please make sure you back up and consult with your web developer before you initiate the update.

Other applications of this new powerful core feature include migration of product data from another platform to woocommerce, bulk update of availability, import of products from suppliers product feeds etc.

You are able to map a spreadsheet fields to woocommerce fields each time you upload, great for updating a small number of properties of existing products.

This allows for more productivity time and allowing you to spend more time selling on your website and less manually handling inventory updates.


If you didn’t know already Woocommerce is the driving force for over 40% of eCommerce websites worldwide. (Source Builtwith correct June 2017).

eCommerce sites being based on a WordPress / Woocommerce framework allows a robust core for the websites productivity with the ability for web developers like Douglass Digital to expand and customise the online shopping platform to meet the specific needs of the client.

Builtwith ecommerce Stats June 2017

Builtwith ecommerce Stats June 2017