You may wonder what you should be doing while we are busy putting together your brand new website. As much as we would love you to put your feet up and relax while we do all the hard work, there is quite a bit of work to be done depending on the type of site we are implementing for you.

You may sense that there is a bit of a theme developing on the “content is king” statement however, it is probably one of the most important things we collectively need to think about in order for a website to successfully meet it’s goals.

So here are some tips from us!

1. Imagery prep

During the website design phase, you will have an opportunity to understand the type of imagery required to give your website the wow factor it deserves. We will provide you with the required dimensions for all of the placeholders on the site so you can start the process of preparing the images. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start! We are always on hand to provide assistance with imagery and if necessary we can provide photography services. – We would always recommend using genuine, professional photographs rather than stock photography.

2. Page content

Adding page content to your website can be one of the most time consuming activities in the run up to going live. Significant time can be saved if this is done in advance. We would always recommend not copying all of your old website content across to the new site. Once you have had an opportunity to start putting together your content, we are always happy to add some of these base pages for you. Firstly, this give you a head-start however, it will also help you understand the benefits of certain areas of the site and why we have constructed it in this particular way. Understanding where this content goes will also help you grasp a better understanding of how the content management system works and how it can benefit you in the future.

3. Site structure

Think about how many pages you need as well as the new site structure and how it will work with the navigation menus as provided within the design. This is often something to consider before you sign off on the design. There are many ways of displaying content as well as content types within page templates, so it is incredibly important to capture this information as early as possible during the process.

4. Key details

Even though it sounds silly, getting key details up-front will help speed up the entire process. Key details we often find helpful include:

  • social media links / usernames
  • contact numbers
  • contact email addresses
  • mission statements etc.

5. User acceptance testing

Yes, we know that this is a given! However, it is critical you test the site during the “preparation for going live” phase. The site should functionally and aesthetically perform as you would expect it to based on early discussions and specifications agreed. Our aim is for you to be completely happy with your site at the point of going live and for a long time after that. All of our sites undergo a strict QA process before it is handed over to you.  We, like you also want to be proud of showing your site off to the world!