Scipio Bioscience | New Web Design Project


Scipio bioscience is a Paris-based biotechnology company, providing a novel sample preparation technology for single-cell studies in the form of benchtop kits, for use prior to sequencing applications in clinical and basic research, such as transcriptomics.

Due to rapid growth, Scipio bioscience urgently required a brand new website to be designed and developed. As well as a platform to capture marketing interest and the ability to send out marketing emails.

Our Solution

Douglass Digital worked with closely with Scipio Bioscience within a very tight timeframe. We managed to get a brand new design agreed and signed off within the first 2 weeks of working together, this enabled our front end team to react quickly and built the entire site within a further 2 week window. We also worked with Scipio on implementing a stunning, animated hero banner that was fitting with the brand.

We helped Scipio with the implementation of integration with Mailchimp, we have also designed a matching Mailchimp template for Scipio to use to communicate their blog content to a wider audience.

It was a pleasure working with the Scipio team on this really exciting project, Douglass Digital are looking forward to working with Scipio on future projects.

We had the chance to work with Douglass Digital this year to develop a new corporate website from scratch.

First of all, I’d like to highlight the fact that our project came with a tight constraint right off the bat, that Douglass accepted and actually delivered a great website within that constraint. We had contacted other agencies, but Douglass were the one who took that constraint in stride and modified their planning to accommodate for it. It should not be a regular situation, but that was already a very positive sign of dedication to the project from them.

From the brief we provided, they came up with interesting ideas and original designs, the best of which made it to the final cut and was appreciated by all our internal stakeholders. Once built, the final website was faithful to the previously agreed-upon design, functionalities are working well and glitch-free.

As with any project, you want to make sure you have a thorough QA/QC process, and Douglass was very responsive in fixing minor issues or even small changes in design we decided at the last-minute when looking at the final product.

The overall collaboration was direct, quick and efficient, with clear expectations and deliverables from both sides, whether through messages and meetings. Training videos also made sure we felt like we were in control of the final website and that we have the ability to modify content by ourselves in the future, and that the website is not just a black box with no insights for us. Moreover, all of the team members are very nice to talk to and very receptive to discussions and brainstorming.

We are currently working with them on a different webdesign project, as we are very satisfied with how the website turned out.

5 stars all the way.

Wilko Duprez

Head of Communications

Check out the live site