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Sarcina Packaging provides high quality off the shelf and custom-made packaging solutions to commercial and retail clients at highly competitive prices. They specialise in providing a reliable, personalised and integrated service that adds value whilst saving their clients time and money.

A brand new website needed to replace the outdated existing Sarcina Packaging site. The old website was created to provide a basic online presence and produced little to no conversions neither did it generate any significant organic traffic. The content on the existing site was generally geared to generic unbranded packaging products that ARE no longer relevant to Sarcina’s business model. The new website will be keyword optimised and will be responsive to work on any platform or device. The aim of the new site will be to increase online, organic traffic and provide an increase in sales and brand awareness. It will also provide a more appropriate, less generic online presence.

A good measure of success would be to have 2 quality client conversions each month as a result of the new website being implemented.

The new website needed to deliver on a number of key items including:

  • Improved navigation and site search
  • Implement a modern new design
  • Built in WordPress with a simple admin area
  • Improve search engine performance of the site to increase sales opportunities

Our Solution

Douglass Digital worked closely with the team at Sarcina Packaging to come up with a refreshing new look and feel to cater for a new approach to promoting their packaging products. 

The new design includes a mega menu style navigation enabling easy user understanding of the range of products on offer. 

The website is built using the most up to date WordPress technology and flexible page building elements empowering Sarcina to create exciting new pages and layouts.

Since going live the website has been a huge success for Sarcina Packaging and since going live the traffic to the site has grown exponentially (as seen in the below image) this has also lead to a significant increase in enquiries via the online chat facility as well as incoming emails and telephone calls. The site also performs very well from a Search engine optimisation standpoint.

At the beginning of 2018 we made a decision that a complete overhaul of our website was required. Our previous website wasn’t generating any organic traffic, it wasn’t representative of our company’s evolved offering and it looked mediocre.

As soon as we had awarded the redesign work to Douglass Digital, we knew we had made the right decision. Alex, Charlie and the team were amazing from start to finish. They assisted us in defining what the aims of our new website were and made valuable suggestions and contributions to the planning stage. Following this, they were patient and understanding of our exacting design requirements and were always on-hand when we needed them. Their help and support didn’t end when the website went live – they still offered advice and fixes when we needed them. The result is a website that has increased our inbound enquiry rate by over 8000% and has transformed the trajectory of the business. We can’t thank them enough.

Sam Middleton

Sales & Marketing Executive, Sarcina Packaging

Check out the live site