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Mijan Consulting is a small consultancy based in Cambridge, specialising in advice and software for the voluntary sector and Parish Councils, they operate in and around Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties.

Douglass Digital were tasked with creating a new exciting landing page for the Parish Council software called “Easy PC Accounts” and a new logo and name to replace the current name.

Previous Logo Designs

Final Logo Design

As part of the project we produced a number of designs around the current name and a new name “Salix Software“.  We have included some examples of initial ideas and the final logo design that was chosen to move forward with.

For the landing page Douglass Digital created two colour examples and a vibrant icon set to go with the landing page. With clear calls to action in mind we produced the two examples below with a final decisions to move forward on the blue, cooler example example.

Colour Variants

Final Design

Check out the live site