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Project Description

We are very proud to announce the latest website for Retail Matters.

The client

Revo, previously the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC), approached Douglass Digital with the requirement for a microsite to promote their Retail Matters campaign. Retail Matters celebrates and showcases the great talents of those who work in retail and the careers and initiatives implemented by the retail property sector.

The requirement

Revo needed a new website to be created that would provide an easy way to promote all aspects of the forthcoming Retail Matters Week. The requirements outlined by Revo meant a number of different content types were needed. Building a web presence for something that is brand new is always a challenge. Therefore Revo have the ability to update all of the content on the website by themselves including writing blog posts which will help raise awareness of the website and the Retail Matters initiative.

Our solution

Douglass Digital implemented a fully mobile responsive WordPress based solution to provide Revo with an incredibly easy to use environment for updating content quickly and efficiently. We worked closely with Revo on the design to reflect the latest branding created for Retail Matters. In order for Revo to create multiple content types, we have implemented a number of custom post types to cater for activities and events.

A mobile responsive WordPress website