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NVOY Technologies is a unique IT provider focusing on deploying cloud services and onsite IT solutions into rapidly expanding businesses.

NVOY’s goal is to change the concept of flexible working from a necessary evil to a welcome possibility. NVOY Technologies makes it possible to work comfortably from anywhere so that employees can improve their efficiency and increase their overall job satisfaction.

Our Solution

Douglass Digital worked closely with NVOY Technologies on a completely bespoke re-design of the website. The existing website was not serving a purpose and NVOY identified the need for a better mobile/desktop with a new website that meets their growing business streams.

Douglass Digital have implemented a flexible editing environment allowing NVOY  to easily add pages via templates as and when they need and as their services and offerings increase.

Douglass Digital have provided highly dedicated and skilled support to us with both with a significant redesign and development of our website and content, which has been scaled and upgraded with the development and evolution of our business, in addition to on-going support and maintenance of our web presence. The core project was designed, developed and managed by Douglass Digital to achieve a high quality and professional result. The Douglass Digital team were highly engaged and diligent in working to coordinate and turn around the design phase to achieve our launch date and continue to support us in maintaining and further enhancing the content of our website based on our developing business needs

Steve Wilde

CEO NVOY Technologies

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