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  • Client: AAV Luxury Travel
  • Website URL: www.aavluxurytravel.com
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AAV Luxury Travel

Project Description

Douglass Digital is proud to show off another fantastic brochure website added to our portfolio of work for AAV Luxury Travel.

The client

With over 10 years of experience, the AAV team are dedicated specialists in travel throughout Europe with the intention of making your travel experience luxurious and memorable as possible. They offer tailor-made experiences for travellers to learn more about the European culture such as its architecture, gardens, food and wine and interior decoration in European cities such as Paris, Barcelona and Rome.

Our solution

The client asked us for a ‘kick ass website’!!

The main focus for AAV was to create a fresh new and updated brochure website. They have stunning images of the European countries and experiences that they have to offer which we have used.

We have developed a powerful search facility on the website whereby users can search for packages by theme, destination or experiences. This simple but effective process makes it easier for the user to look for the type of break they are after.

We also updated the AAV logo which compromises of a montgolfière balloon, a symbol of luxury tourism. It represents the first aero-static flight over the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, where luxury tourism was invented.