There has been an awful lot of chatter recently regarding Google’s upcoming change to their search algorithm (allegedly from April 21st).

This time it is specifically going to impact the user experience when using Google search on your smartphone. Furthermore, Google will use its search algorithm in a way that ranks websites generally higher if they feature a mobile friendly website design (responsive website design)

Website owners have dubbed April 21st as “Mobilegeddon” and there generally seems to be a big push on getting sites optimised for mobiles.

Google has recently started to really focus on good user journeys, for example they don’t want to send their users to a website that is not going to give them a good overall experience (this is even true on their adwords campaigns now)

So if a user is searching the web from their mobile, Google will prefer to send them to a site that can continue with a mobile experience.

Our recommendation is to start looking at getting your website mobile ready as soon as possible to maintain your SEO. On average, over 30% of web users today are now accessing from a mobile device so it is becoming more and more important for search engine optimisation purposes. We wouldn’t be surprised if this figure gets closer to 40% over the next year.

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