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At Douglass Digital we have over 10 years of background experience in the membership sector. Not only have we got the ability to build a sublime membership website, we can create a fully integrated membership CRM built directly into your WordPress website.

Gone are the days of clunky CRM interfaces or massively expensive API integrations we’ll work with you to understand your internal processes and match these to work within CiviCRM.

CiviCRM has the following capabilities:

  • Contacts and membership management
  • Activity management
  • Events management (including conferences)
  • Join online
  • Membership permissions and levels.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities without having to understand complex queries and code.

CiviCRM development

We have selected CiviCRM as our CRM platform of choice because it is built to work within WordPress itself. This way you get a “one-size fits all” system. CiviCRM is a flexible base platform that we can easily extend upon based on specific customer requirements.