Is SEO dead?


There has been a lot of discussion recently about the prospect of SEO being dead. In our opinion, this just means now it is more important than ever to get it right. The fact of the matter is, know one really knows what makes Google’s latest ranking algorithm tick (apart from Google itself, but who knows?)

SEO has evolved enormously over the last 10 years. From our perspective it has also become incredibly competitive and there are still a number of “black magic” SEO agencies around who claim they can get your website to page one (or even the top position).
Unfortunately for them, implementation of traditional SEO methodologies is no longer going to do your rankings justice. In fact, it could lead to various penalties being applied to your site.

The days of jamming your site and its source code full of keywords are officially over.

Search engines, especially Google are focusing on providing users with a high quality experience online.

Why did they implement the latest changes to their search algorithm from a mobile search perspective? Because they don’t want to lead their users (or their customers) from a mobile friendly search experience to a non mobile friendly search experience. It is as simple as that.

Search engines are becoming incredibly smart at identifying websites that are trying to “hoodwink” them. This is why quality is a very important factor and needs to be highly considered in your entire search strategy moving forward.

No longer are they monitoring the sheer number of inbound links to your site, rather they are looking at the quality of those links. The higher the page rank and domain authority of the sites linking back to you, the better! So plugging your domain name into various directories of differing quality to gain mediocre link backs to your site could be considered quite a risky strategy.

It is also important to review your google analytics to see whether you are getting a lot of spam visitors. Spam visits are from a series of systems that crawl your site for email addresses and collect them in a database, they can potentially be quite harmful to your search rankings as as a sign of poor quality. It is much better to have less natural visitors who are actually engaging with your content and clicking through to your links rather than a lot of spam bot visits who only touch the site for a matter of seconds rather than minutes.  Furthermore they are a complete nuisance as they can completely skew your analytics so it is worth learning how to prevent them from showing up on your analytics as well as from your site all together.

The introduction of Penguin Algorithm is very much focused on providing users with a better experience and getting the best results out of search engines rather than leading users to spammy websites that have got a lot of poor quality backlinks and littered with keywords. We have done a lot of research on this and can help you increase the quality of your search strategy.

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