How on earth do you approach something like choosing the correct Content Management System (CMS) ?! – There are so many Content Management Systems on the market, open source (like WordPress, Drupal & Joomla) proprietary ones, meaning that the source code is licenced by a software provider / vendor. Then you have some of the big enterprise CMS platforms like Sitecore and Kentico.

You are probably thinking that we have just made things 20 times harder by introducing a few new ones to the mix. However, the good news is we are here to help!!

Here are few pointers which may help get you thinking in the right direction:


… is going to be using the system to update content? Will it just be you? What is the technical capacity of the team who will be updating the website?


… do you as a business require? Is it just a simple brochure website or do you have specfic requirements (i.e. we want to sell stuff, we have members who wish to subscripe, or you may want to provide a space for your users to interact with eachother) the list of possible options could be huge and this will be key to the selection process.


… going down a completely bespoke route, you need to go for something that is sitting on a platform which has a bunch of happy users and a strong development / technical backbone. There are so many fantastic plugins for many of the most popular content management systems that all you may require is selecting the right plugin with minimal custom development added to it.


  • Identify your goals and critial success factors, get these scoped out in detail so you can review the potential solutions out there
  • Consider return on investment (i.e. if the site is going to generate x amount of revenue then can you justify spending y?)
  • Go for a product with a strong customer base (possibly in the same marketplace) and strong technical team behind it
  • Try before you buy (most CMS systems have a sandbox / demo environment so you can try it out first